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A text-to-speech audiobook reader and summarizer that saves you hundreds of hours of reading.

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Your fastest reading companion!

Save hundreds of hours.

Speed up the listening rate and save up to 80% of reading time.

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Save massive amount of time

Summarize text and access key insights on each page and save a massive amount of reading time.

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Find what you're looking for

Listen only to the content you are interested in by selecting and listening to the parts containing relevant keywords, characters, and places.

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Personalize your reading experience

Customize your reading and listening experience by adjusting fonts, changing the background color, voice options, listening speed, and more.

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Listen to books and documents

Convert any physical document, PDF, weblink, or image to an Audiobook and listen with Natural Voices.

Read in the dark and with your favorite font.

ReadBit suits your needs. Select between different backgrounds and fonts and continue reading
wherever you are.

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Four different
background colors

Grey ReadBit screen with customizable fonts and colors Beige ReadBit screen with customizable fonts and colors

Six different fonts

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